Plumbing Repair and Maintenace in Southern California

Plumbing is something property owners rarely think about until something goes wrong.  Unfortunately, when the plumbing in your home or business fails, the results are often very costly and bring with it water damage to the surrounding areas of where the problem occurs.  Think about this; if the toilet in your bathroom backs up and water comes pouring out when you are not home, that dirty water will seep through the bathroom floor and spread throughout your home or business.  This will result in you having to repair the plumbing problem AND address the water damage that may have occurred as a result.

We at Power Plus Services are qualified, ready and available 24/7 to come out to your home or business and fix any plumbing problems that you may have in a timely, efficient and correct manner.  However, in addition to our repair services, we also offer PLUMBING MAINTENANCE SERVICES so that problems like the one described above do not occur.  When we are hired to service and maintain your plumbing needs, Power Plus Services will ensure that there are no backed up or problematic pipes within your home or business that may lead to such problems.  Power Plus Plumbing technicians will inspect your pipes on a regular basis and address any potential issues before they turn into major expenses for you.

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Each customer is important to us at PowerPlus Services. That’s why you can count on us to care for your home or business’ plumbing and drainage needs in a courteous and professional manner.
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Southern California Heat Wave

Southern California Heat Wave

The recent heat wave in the Southern California area is the yet another reason that demonstrates the need to have your electrical, HVAC and plumbing equipment checked and maintained regularly.  A good licensed service company like Power Plus Services will work with you, the homeowner or business owner, to ensure that the inner workings of your property are up to the challenge of working harder and more efficiently during times when they are needed the most.

Remember, the investment made in maintenance and upkeep will be much less than the amount you may have to spend to fix and/or replace an electrical or HVAC Unit when they do ultimately break.  We, at Power Plus Services, can work with you in developing an affordable maintenance plan where we will come out to your location prior to the month of historically severe weather and make sure your equipment is ready and available to do what it is intended.

Give us a call, we will work with you to ensure your comfort.


Los Angeles Plumbers

Los Angeles is a HUGE city, and finding a good, reliable and honest plumber in Los Angeles can be a challenging task.

We, at Power Plus Services, know and understand the importance of finding the right plumber to come into your home and service your plumbing needs.  That is why we offer our services 24 hours a day, 7 days a week with NO OVERTIME CHARGES!  Our professional technicians take pride in their work and will take the time to do the job right the first time.  Dependability and quality workmanship is our primary goal!!

We will do all that it takes to be recognized as the Best Plumber in Los Angeles.  We will do this by treating every job as our most important job and ensuring that we address the the issues and provide affordable and correct solutions to each and every plumbing problem.


Replacing a Faucet – Just do it the easy way

There’s a simple secret here: You need to use a basin wrench, available at most home centers. The head works on a cam principle, tightening around any size nut as you turn the handle. The head is mounted on the end of a long handle; it flips to allow you to turn clockwise or counterclockwise.

To remove the old faucet, close the shutoff valves under the sink. Next, use the basin wrench to remove the coupling nuts that secure the water-supply tubes to the faucet and to loosen the mounting nuts that secure the faucet to the sink or countertop. You’ll also need to disconnect the pop-up drain linkage from the sink drain by removing the retaining nut.

Before you position the new faucet, press some plumber’s putty all around the underside along the outer edge. After you make your connections, clean off the excess putty with a plastic putty knife or rag.

Stopping Toilets That Run

Fight the annoying, nonstop trickling sound.

Many toilets eventually develop one of several problems that allow water to run from the tank into the bowl. The result is an annoying, nonstop trickling sound that wastes gallons of water each day. Usually, adjusting the refill tube or lengthening the chain connected to the flush handle stops the flow. If neither does, the culprit is the large drain hole at the bottom of the tank that’s fitted with a metal or plastic ring, also known as the valve seat.

The cone-shaped flapper valve fits into the valve seat to stop the flow of water out of the tank. Over time, sediment and hard-water deposits can collect on the valve seat and prevent the flapper from forming a watertight seal. The solution: Raise the flapper and scrub the valve seat clean with a piece of emery cloth or fine-grade steel wool. If the valve seat is made out of plastic — not brass or some other metal — scrub it with a plastic scouring pad.