Plumbing Repair and Maintenace in Southern California

Plumbing is something property owners rarely think about until something goes wrong.  Unfortunately, when the plumbing in your home or business fails, the results are often very costly and bring with it water damage to the surrounding areas of where the problem occurs.  Think about this; if the toilet in your bathroom backs up and water comes pouring out when you are not home, that dirty water will seep through the bathroom floor and spread throughout your home or business.  This will result in you having to repair the plumbing problem AND address the water damage that may have occurred as a result.

We at Power Plus Services are qualified, ready and available 24/7 to come out to your home or business and fix any plumbing problems that you may have in a timely, efficient and correct manner.  However, in addition to our repair services, we also offer PLUMBING MAINTENANCE SERVICES so that problems like the one described above do not occur.  When we are hired to service and maintain your plumbing needs, Power Plus Services will ensure that there are no backed up or problematic pipes within your home or business that may lead to such problems.  Power Plus Plumbing technicians will inspect your pipes on a regular basis and address any potential issues before they turn into major expenses for you.

We offer Professional Plumbing Services you can COUNT ON!

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Highly Recommended Electricians

People often search for electricians, good electricians that is, by word of mouth and recommendations from friends, family and trusted folks.  We at Power Plus Electrical Services, know and understand this.  That is why we treat each and every job we get as THE MOST IMPORTANT job we have.  Not only do we want to keep your business, but we also want to build enough trust with our existing clients so that we get recommended by them.

Our master Electrical Technicians in the Southern California area will treat your home or business as if it were their own.  That means, making sure the job is done correctly the first time, the job meets all the required code regulations, money isn’t spent frivolously, and potential issues are checked for.  We will perform all of this as part of our work on each and every job.

When an electrician from Power Plus Services shows up at your door, be assured that their primary goal is to earn your trust.  They will do the job correctly, cleanly and explain, in simple detail, what the  job entailed.  We believe that when we do our job and meet your expectations, we will earn your trust.  This holds true regardless of weather we are installing a fixture, changing an electrical panel, running new copper wires, servicing electrical components, rewiring or any other job.

Goodbye Air Conditioners…… Hello Heaters!

Even here in Southern California, our summer is coming to an end and winter is setting in.  That means we will be replacing the use of our Air Conditioners with Heaters.  We, as Southern California HVAC technicians, will come to your home or business and do all the necessary work required to make sure your AC Unit is cleaned and ready to be put in “hibernation” mode till the next summer.  This means that when the heat waves come again, you can rest assured that your AC Unit will work properly as it is intended.  This will not only give you peace of mind, but it will greatly extend the life span of your AC Unit, which directly relates to money savings for you int he long run.

In the same token, our HVAC Technicians will be able to prep your heating unit and make sure it is ready to take on the work of keeping you and your family warm in the coming winter months.  That means we will check all the moving parts, connections, fluid levels so that your heater does not break down and literally leave you in the cold.

Remember, a little maintenance now will save you a great deal of money in the future.  Power Plus Services is ready to available to provide maintenance service to the entire Southern California area of homes and or businesses.  Give us a call, you will not be disappointed!!!

Trustworthy Electricians In Southern California

Trustworthy Electricians In Southern California

Southern California is saturated with electricians, and unfortunately, there have been a few southern california electricians that have been exposed for not being ethical in the services they provide as well as their pricing practices.  We know and understand that a customer’s satisfaction in the service provided is ultimately what will keep us in business.  As a matter of fact, we at Power Plus Services count on this to maintain our high reputation in the electrical repair industry.

This is the reason we treat EVERY JOB as the MOST IMPORTANT JOB.  We know that spending your hard earned money on electrical repairs is not something you have planned on but a necessity.  As such, we want to make sure your experiences with the Master Technicians of Power Plus Services is a POSITIVE one.  We want to ensure that you get the job done right the first time AND at a fair and reasonable price.  That is why we offer $100 OFF ANY JOB.  Call us for more details about this.

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Southern California Heat Wave

Southern California Heat Wave

The recent heat wave in the Southern California area is the yet another reason that demonstrates the need to have your electrical, HVAC and plumbing equipment checked and maintained regularly.  A good licensed service company like Power Plus Services will work with you, the homeowner or business owner, to ensure that the inner workings of your property are up to the challenge of working harder and more efficiently during times when they are needed the most.

Remember, the investment made in maintenance and upkeep will be much less than the amount you may have to spend to fix and/or replace an electrical or HVAC Unit when they do ultimately break.  We, at Power Plus Services, can work with you in developing an affordable maintenance plan where we will come out to your location prior to the month of historically severe weather and make sure your equipment is ready and available to do what it is intended.

Give us a call, we will work with you to ensure your comfort.


Los Angeles Plumbers

Los Angeles is a HUGE city, and finding a good, reliable and honest plumber in Los Angeles can be a challenging task.

We, at Power Plus Services, know and understand the importance of finding the right plumber to come into your home and service your plumbing needs.  That is why we offer our services 24 hours a day, 7 days a week with NO OVERTIME CHARGES!  Our professional technicians take pride in their work and will take the time to do the job right the first time.  Dependability and quality workmanship is our primary goal!!

We will do all that it takes to be recognized as the Best Plumber in Los Angeles.  We will do this by treating every job as our most important job and ensuring that we address the the issues and provide affordable and correct solutions to each and every plumbing problem.


Electrical Repairs Done To Code

One of the most important things to get done to code is your home or business’ electrical repair.  People often forget that a live electrical outlet is a very dangerous thing. The power source that comes into your home needs to be controlled at all times.  If not, the results can be catastrophic to your family’s health and well being.  The codes and guidelines that are established are to prevent accidents from happening.  That is why it is imperative that a Master Electrical Technician makes the electrical repairs and installations you may have.

Cutting corners (and costs) is NOT a chance you should be willing to take.  Licensed, trained and knowledgeable electricians are the ONLY people that know and understand what needs to be done.  Remember, a spark from an outlet can short out your entire electric panel and worse yet, it can cause a fire! Following the safety codes developed and enforced will ensure that your repairs and installations work at their optimal levels and more importantly function safely.

Getting a job dine correctly and safely the FIRST TIME will be more cost effective in the long run and provide you with the peace of mind that you are safe.

Servicing Your Air Conditioner

With the summer heat in full effect, your Air Conditioner is working hard all day to keep you cool.  That is why it is important to make sure the unit is in good working condition so it works properly and does not break down when you need it most.

This is where the importance of maintaining your AC unit becomes so important in the life cycle of your air conditioning unit.  Small things, like changing the filter, keeping the motor clean, ensuring their is enough fluids (freon) in the unit and maintaining a service contract will go a very long way in keeping you cool during the hot summer months.  It will be bad enough not to have your AC unit working during the hot summer months, but having to get your unit repaired during these times is even worse.  The added pressure of scheduling and selecting a reputable HVAC Technician to service your broken unit can really become a tasking experience.

We, at Power Plus Services are here to help.  We can service your AC Unit in the off months so that when the time comes for you to use your Air Conditioner, you can rest assured that it will work and keep you and your family cool.

Remember, we can install, repair and maintain your AC unit.

Breathing Easier Filtering the indoor air

If the forced-air system in your home is equipped with inexpensive fiberglass filters, you should upgrade them to high-efficiency media filters. Standard room air conditioners usually do a pretty good job of filtering pollen, ragweed and spores if you keep the coils on the unit clean and replace the filters as frequently as indicated by the manufacturer.

Adding an air cleaner. If cleaning, ventilation and routine filter maintenance on existing systems don’t provide relief, consider an air cleaner. There are three types: media, electrostatic and hybrids. Media filters use physical barriers (media) and coatings to trap particles. The finer the media and the greater the surface area, the better it is at trapping small particles. Electrostatic filters use charged plates that create an electrical field to trap particles. Hybrid filters use a combination of these technologies. Ion generators are in a category of their own and should be avoided.

Filter facts. Although a new federal system for testing the efficiency of air filters will be finalized sometime this autumn, many manufacturers are already using it. These Minimum Efficiency Reporting Values (MERV) test how well filters remove small particles from the air; the higher the MERV number, the more efficient the filter. “This rating is really useful for comparing medium- and high-efficiency filters,” says H.E. Barney Burroughs, chairman of the American Society of Heating, Refrigeration and Air Conditioning Engineers committee on the new standard. “The rating tells people what the difference is between filters, and takes away a lot of the smoke and mirrors of the manufacturer’s claims.”

Most of these more efficient filters can be used on any forced-air system, but may require some retrofitting. Have your heating and cooling contractor make sure the new filter won’t reduce airflow to a dangerous level. You won’t be as comfortable, and you could overtax the system. This potential airflow reduction, called pressure drop, should be considered when the filter is new (initial pressure drop) and when it’s full (final pressure drop).

It’s uncomfortable and even dangerous to live in a house where the air either makes you sick or aggravates allergies and asthma. But with a few simple steps you may be able to cut down on the irritants in your home—and breathe a sigh of relief

Indoor air hazards you should know about

If you’re like most Americans, you spend much of your time indoors. Have you ever stopped to think about whether the air you’re breathing at home is healthy? When you’re at home do you frequently have headaches or feel nauseous or tired? Do you feel better when you leave the house? If you have these symptoms, your home’s air quality may be the problem.

Moisture and biological (like molds, mildew and dust mites).
Sources include excessive humidity levels, poorly-maintained humidifiers and air-conditioners, inadequate ventilation and animal dander.

Combustion products including carbon monoxide.
Sources include unvented fossil-fuel space heaters, unvented gas stoves and ovens, and “backdrafting” from furnaces and water heaters.

Sources include durable press drapes and other textiles, particle-board products such as cabinets and furniture framing, and adhesives.

Radon. This is a radioactive gas from soil and rock beneath and around the foundation, ground water wells and some building materials.

Household products and furnishings. These include volatile organic compounds from paints, solvents, air fresheners, hobby supplies, dry cleaned clothing, aerosol sprays, adhesives and fabric additives used in carpeting and furniture.

Asbestos. Most homes more than 20 years old are likely to have asbestos. Sources include deteriorating, damaged or disturbed pipe insulation, fireproofing or acoustical material and floor tiles.

Lead. Sources include lead-based paint dust from removing paint by sanding, scraping and burning.

Particulates. Sources include particles from fireplaces, woodstoves, kerosene heaters, unvented gas space heaters, tobacco smoke, dust and pollen.

Environmental tobacco smoke. A mixture of smoke given off by the burning end of a cigarette, pipe or cigar, and the smoke exhaled from the lungs of smokers.

Remodeling byproducts. Remodeling can provide the disturbance that releases such materials as asbestos, lead, formaldehyde and other hazardous materials.