Plumbing Repair and Maintenace in Southern California

Plumbing is something property owners rarely think about until something goes wrong.  Unfortunately, when the plumbing in your home or business fails, the results are often very costly and bring with it water damage to the surrounding areas of where the problem occurs.  Think about this; if the toilet in your bathroom backs up and water comes pouring out when you are not home, that dirty water will seep through the bathroom floor and spread throughout your home or business.  This will result in you having to repair the plumbing problem AND address the water damage that may have occurred as a result.

We at Power Plus Services are qualified, ready and available 24/7 to come out to your home or business and fix any plumbing problems that you may have in a timely, efficient and correct manner.  However, in addition to our repair services, we also offer PLUMBING MAINTENANCE SERVICES so that problems like the one described above do not occur.  When we are hired to service and maintain your plumbing needs, Power Plus Services will ensure that there are no backed up or problematic pipes within your home or business that may lead to such problems.  Power Plus Plumbing technicians will inspect your pipes on a regular basis and address any potential issues before they turn into major expenses for you.

We offer Professional Plumbing Services you can COUNT ON!

Each customer is important to us at PowerPlus Services. That’s why you can count on us to care for your home or business’ plumbing and drainage needs in a courteous and professional manner.
24 hours a day… 7 days a week…
No Overtime Charges!

Highly Recommended Electricians

People often search for electricians, good electricians that is, by word of mouth and recommendations from friends, family and trusted folks.  We at Power Plus Electrical Services, know and understand this.  That is why we treat each and every job we get as THE MOST IMPORTANT job we have.  Not only do we want to keep your business, but we also want to build enough trust with our existing clients so that we get recommended by them.

Our master Electrical Technicians in the Southern California area will treat your home or business as if it were their own.  That means, making sure the job is done correctly the first time, the job meets all the required code regulations, money isn’t spent frivolously, and potential issues are checked for.  We will perform all of this as part of our work on each and every job.

When an electrician from Power Plus Services shows up at your door, be assured that their primary goal is to earn your trust.  They will do the job correctly, cleanly and explain, in simple detail, what the  job entailed.  We believe that when we do our job and meet your expectations, we will earn your trust.  This holds true regardless of weather we are installing a fixture, changing an electrical panel, running new copper wires, servicing electrical components, rewiring or any other job.

Goodbye Air Conditioners…… Hello Heaters!

Even here in Southern California, our summer is coming to an end and winter is setting in.  That means we will be replacing the use of our Air Conditioners with Heaters.  We, as Southern California HVAC technicians, will come to your home or business and do all the necessary work required to make sure your AC Unit is cleaned and ready to be put in “hibernation” mode till the next summer.  This means that when the heat waves come again, you can rest assured that your AC Unit will work properly as it is intended.  This will not only give you peace of mind, but it will greatly extend the life span of your AC Unit, which directly relates to money savings for you int he long run.

In the same token, our HVAC Technicians will be able to prep your heating unit and make sure it is ready to take on the work of keeping you and your family warm in the coming winter months.  That means we will check all the moving parts, connections, fluid levels so that your heater does not break down and literally leave you in the cold.

Remember, a little maintenance now will save you a great deal of money in the future.  Power Plus Services is ready to available to provide maintenance service to the entire Southern California area of homes and or businesses.  Give us a call, you will not be disappointed!!!