Electricians in Van Nuys Ca

The neighborhood of Van Nuys is located within the City of Los Angeles, and more broadly speaking within the County of Los Angeles.  Like many other neighborhoods within Los Angeles, it is sometimes thought of as a separate city; however, it is not separate city and adheres to Los Angeles city ordinances and laws and is within the jurisdiction of the Los Angeles Police Department.

With a population over one hundred thousand, the neighborhood is pretty diverse.  Nearly half of the residents are foreign born and nearly fifty nine percent of that total are either born in Mexico or El Salvador.  One unfortunate stat regarding the family structure of Van Nuys is that nearly 22 percent of the families situated in Van Nuys are headed by a single parent, which is a rather high number compared to the rest of Los Angeles.  The neighborhood of Van Nuys is bordered by several other neighborhoods, including: North Hills, Panorama City, Valley Glen, Sherman Oaks, the Sepulveda Basin, Lake Balboa and Northridge.  There are two phone area codes serving the constituents of Van Nuys, the two are “818” and “747.”

Some noteworthy locations within the neighborhood of Van Nuys are the Van Nuys Airport, the Japanese Garden and the Sepulveda Dam.  Some freeways that allow the residents of Van Nuys access to the rest of beautiful Southern California are the 405, 118, 170, 101 and the 5.  There have been some areas within the neighborhood of Van Nuys that decided to attach themselves to other neighborhoods nearby in an effort to raise home and property values.  Not everyone was supportive of this move and some have even gone further and called the moves motivated by “racisim.”  Van Nuys is also home to several public and private schools.  A total of 11 public schools (two high schools) and 8 private schools give the youth of Van Nuys an opportunity to obtain an education they can use to improve their lives.

The local technicians from Power Plus know the area of Van Nuys well, having worked at houses all across the neighborhood for years.  They know the standard of quality demanded by the residents of Van Nuys and they are proud to say they have been able to fulfill all these needs with professionalism that only Power Plus can offer.  Our licensed electricians are able to relate well with the diverse population of Van Nuys, they effectively communicate with our amazing clients and provide outstanding service.  As families grow and more power is needed in their houses for various reasons (stronger A/C, more appliances, etc…) they count on Power Plus to provide them with professional service and Power Plus is happy to provide them with just that.  Power Plus also is up to date on all the newest technologies including: solar panels, in-home garage charging stations for Evs, and so on.  Any need, any size, any time, and all you need is one call; the call to Power Plus to take care of all of your electric needs.  Call today, don’t delay!