Electricians in Studio City Ca

Picture this, you have just left a world famous amusement park and you want to eat dinner on a prime time, active street before deciding to end your night in a yet-again world famous bowling destination.  Where are you? If you guessed anything other than Studio City, California; then you need to take a trip there and find out what your missing.  The world famous amusement park is none other than Universal Studios, Hollywood.  With features including rides, shows and tours, Universal Studios has been supplying the residents (and tourists) of Southern California lifelong memories for generations.  And what exactly was that prime time, active street where you can go grab any type of food you like?  Well that would be none other than Ventura Boulevard.  And when it comes to glitz and glamor combined with an almost unlimited number of shops, cafes, bar and diners, Ventura Boulevard doesn’t shy away from any other street in all of America.  But we know the question your dying to have answered; world famous bowling destination?  Ladies and gentlemen, let us introduce you to Pinz Bowling located right on Ventura Boulevard.  With a vibrant social scene and large number of bowling alleys, it is no wonder why so many local celebrities have frequented Pinz and left behind some memorabilia for others to come by and admire.

Studio City is actually considered a district within Los Angeles and not a separate city but anyone that knows about Los Angeles knows every district has its own soul and character and Studio City is no exception.  Originally, Studio City was known as Laurelwood but after a few exchanges of property and a few development projects later, it was renamed Studio City in the late 1920’s.  According the U.S. Census, the population of the Studio City neighborhood is about thirty five thousand people, although more recent calculations by the L.A. Times has the number closer to thirty seven thousand.  Some other neighborhoods that border Studio City are: Valley Village, Toluca Lake, Universal City, Hollywood Hills West, Beverly Crest and Sherman Oaks.

Power Plus has been serving the residents of the neighborhood of Studio City for years and over the course of time, they have gotten to know a lot of the residents personally and know just what type of people live in Studio City.  They are hard working and in turn have high expectations for services provided to them.  That is why the professional, local and licensed electricians at Power Plus keep getting calls from the same clients for all type of projects including (but certainly not limited to): inspections, panel upgrades, rewiring, solar panels and electric home charging stations.  When deciding on a technician to handle your needs, there are a few things most people look for; licensing, experience and friendliness.  Power Plus’ professional electricians have all these attributes and plenty more.  Make the call today, speak to a knowledgeable associate and get set up with a local technician and see how Power Plus can take care of all of your needs.