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Long Beach California

Trivia time. Behind the City of Los Angeles, what is the second largest city
within the County of Los Angeles? If you guessed the port city of Long Beach
then you should be feeling good about your answer because that is correct. Long
Beach, which is home to nearly half a million Americans is also the seventh
largest city in California. But what Long Beach is most recognized for is the
Port of Long Beach. This huge shipping port is the second biggest within the
entire United States. It is a critical hub for the transportation of all types
of goods.

According to the Port of Long Beach official website the Port of Long Beach
supports 30,000 jobs within Long Beach, 316,000 jobs throughout Southern
California and 1.4 Million jobs throughout the United States, and generates $16
Billion in annual trade-related wages statewide.
The students in Long Beach are served by the Long Beach Unified School
District, the ABC Unified School District and the Paramount Unified School
District. A few of the higher education institutions within Long Beach are the
California State University, Long Beach (which is a public university and is
part of the 23-member California State University system and is home to about
35,000 students); Long Beach City College (which is a community college
established in in the early 1900’s that has two campuses; the Liberal Arts
Campus is located on the residential area of Lakewood Village and the Pacific
Coast Campus is in Central Long Beach); and also, DeVry University, Long Beach
is located in the Kilroy Airport Center.

The RMS Queen Mary is permanently docked at Long Beach. It was purchased by the
city of Long Beach in 1967 for conversion to a hotel and maritime museum. The
Aquarium of the Pacific is also located within Long Beach. The Aquarium has over
12,500 animals. The Aquarium of the Pacific has been visited by more than 13
million people since its opening. The Aquarium was rated #2 Los Angeles area
Family Destination in the most recent Zagat U.S. Family Travel Guide, second
only to Disneyland. The Aquarium of the Pacific is also the only major nonprofit
aquarium in the nation to have attendance increases for the past six years in a
row. Morey & Associates’ research ranked the Aquarium of the Pacific as number
one in visitor diversity among all of the nation’s leading aquariums.

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