Electricians in North Hollywood

Situated within the San Fernando Valley and, more specifically, within the
County of Los Angeles is the neighborhood of North Hollywood. This diverse
melting pot of cultures and customs is home to around 90,000 residents. Almost
half of the residents of North Hollywood are born abroad. The city is home to a
very large Latino community but also contains a significant population of Asian
Americans, Armenian Americans, African Americans, Jewish people, Jamaican
Americans, Iranian Americans, German Americans, and Filipino Americans. The
neighborhood itself has many neighbors which include; Sun Valley, Burbank,
Toluca Lake, Studio City, Valley Village and Valley Glen.

The City is also known by its nickname, NoHo. The city established a district
within the city known as the NoHo Arts District which is a collection of
theaters, galleries, cafes and shops. The name “NoHo” is a play off of the
world famous “SoHo” Arts District located in New York. North Hollywood sits in
a perfect location for their residents to be able to explore many of Southern
California’s most famous attractions. For example; Universal Studios is located
within mere minutes from North Hollywood, as is the Hollywood Walk of Fame, as
is the beautiful Rose Bowl and so on. With sections of the 170, 101 , 5 and 134
freeways all crossing the city at some point, you can travel anywhere starting
from North Hollywood. Many of the street names come from the group of investors
that laid out the original ground work for what would later become the city of
North Hollywood after it was annexed by the City of Los Angeles.

The city of North Hollywood is home to several public schools, six of which are
elementary schools. The City is also home to eight private schools. Famous
comedian Adam Carolla is a former student from North Hollywood High School. He
would later go on to host such shows as “The Man Show” and “The Adam Carolla
Project.” The city of North Hollywood is also home to some famous athletes
which include the likes of Brennan Boesch, who played professional baseball with
the Detroit Tigers and New York Yankees; and also was home to twin NBA players
Robin and Brook Lopez, who play for the Portland Trailblazers and Brooklyn Nets,

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