Electricians & Electrical Repairs in Burbank California

Electricians in Burbank CA

Parents are always encouraging their children to go to school and become lawyers and doctors in hopes that their children’s future will stay bright with riches and prestige.  One perk not many would forecast a graduate to enjoy is having a city named after them.  It’s a good thing the parents of New Hampshire-born David Burbank never told him that last part because the city of Burbank was actually named after him.  Also known as the “Media Capital of the World”, Burbank is home to over 100,000 inhabitants and is situated within Los Angeles County.  Being in such close proximity to Hollywood, Burbank is a prime destination to some of the most high profile entertainment companies in existence today including: The Walt Disney Company,Warner Bros. Entertainment, Warner Music Group, Nickelodeon and Insomniac Games.

Burbank’s history is intertwined heavily with World War II due to Burbank’s role in aviation. Famed aviation pioneers Allan and Malcolm Loughead, founders of the Lockheed Aircraft company opened up a manufacturing plant within the city in 1928 and during World War II the entire area of one of Lockheed’s factory was camouflaged to hide the operations from enemies.  Today, Burbank operates a domestic airport known as the Bob Hope Airport in honor of the comedian who lived nearby.  The airport has changed names 7 times since its opening.

Other notable sites in Burbank include: Burbank Public Library, Burbank City Hall, Buena Vista Branch Burbank Public Library, De Bell Municipal Golf Course, Providence Saint Joseph Medical Center, Northwest Park Branch Burbank Public Library, Gordon R. Howard Museum, Valhalla Memorial Park and of course the Burbank mall known originally as the Burbank Media Center but now as the Burbank Town Center.  Burbank is bordered by the cities of Glendale, North Hollywood, Studio City and Sunland and is crossed by the 134, 5 and a small section of the 170 freeways.

Power Plus has been serving the Burbank area with the highest standard of excellence.  Our licensed, local electricians have the training and experience to meet every expectation the Burbank community sets.  Our Burbank electricians encourage everybody to be proactive with matters pertaining to electricity because of its awesome yet dangerous powers.  Fixing an existing wiring problem before it causes a problem in your house is a much better alternative than dealing with the pieces left behind from a possible fire.  Every year many of your fellow Americans find this out the hard way and we would like to protect you from that same faith.  Call our electrician in Burbank and let us keep your electric system up-to-date.