Electricians in El Monte California

Near the center of the San Gabriel Valley, within the County of Los Angeles sits a piece of land named El Monte.  This melting pot of residential, industrial and commercial properties hosts a population of a little over one hundred thirteen thousand residents according to the 2010 U.S. Census making it the tenth most populated city in the County of Los Angeles.  The City has a very rich history, starting back in the middle 1800’s when people started settling in the area and it was used as a stopping spot on the trial to the North for the gold rush near Sacramento.  Because of the conducive land for agriculture many began settling in the area and farming, gradually increasing the population of the land.  During the civil war, a famous Undersheriff with the Los Angeles County named A.J. King formed a team of other notable people from El Monte that were trying to have Southern California secede the state and they were aligned with the Confederates.  A.J. King was later arrested by a U.S Marshal and the team he formed was shut down a few years later.

With a history dating back to the gold rush, El Monte has seen it all, the residents in El Monte have seen it all.  They know “real” when they see it and they know “fools gold” when they see it.  Power Plus is the real deal, ladies and gentlemen.  They have been serving all of Southern California for years and they employ only the best, most professional and accredited electricians possible.  A few recent projects Power Plus has worked on in the El Monte area are solar panel installations and complete home rewirings.  The solar panel installation is a great idea in El Monte because of the climate, which averages nearly 90 degrees Fahrenheit during the summer.  The strong sunlight, combined with a lack of mountains in the area helps the solar panels in their operation and makes the homeowner happy every month when the electric bill is a fraction of its former self, and in some cases electricity is actually put back into the grid and you receive a credit on your bill.  There are also federal and state rebates and credits that offer you further incentive to want to install solar panels.

The other recent work Power Plus has done in the El Monte area was a complete home rewire.  Our client informed us of a desire to add more appliances in one section of the house, but upon examination of the system it was discovered that the prior wiring was not properly done and needed to be completely redone to ensure a safe system.  Needless to say, the local licensed Power Plus agent was able to take care of the problem and leave our client with a sense of security that only a professional can give.  These are just a few examples of the work Power Plus has done for the El Monte area, call today and see what we can do for you!