Electricians in Downey California

Within the southeast portion of the County of Los Angeles lies the gem of a city named Downey. Downey may not be a city with much fame but those who know if its history know just how important this city is. Would you have guessed that the third oldest McDonald’s is in Donwey? It is located right at the corner of Lakewood and Florence and is still open for business today (despite a two year period where damage from the Northridge earthquake and slow sales caused it to be closed until it was preserved and reopened). Next door to this timeless wonder is a gift shop and museum. However; McDonald’s was not the only fast food chain to have deep roots in Downey. The first Taco Bell was opened in Downey in the early 1960’s. While it is no longer operating as a Taco Bell, the building is largely the same as it was when it did operate as one. Aside from its fast food history, Downey is also regarded as the birthplace of the Apollo space program.

The City of Downey is bordered by several other cities and neighborhoods, including: South Gate, Bell Gardens, Pico Riviera, Santa Fe Springs, Norwalk, Paramount and Bellflower. The total population of the city exceeds 110,000 and is made up of nearly fifty seven percent of designated as “white.” According the City of Downey’s 2011 Comprehensive Annual Financial Report, the largest employers in the city are as follows (in descending order): Kaiser Permanente, with 4,500 employees, Stonewood Center, with 2,100 employees; Downey Unified School District, with 1,851 employees; Rancho Los Amigos National Rehabilitation Center, with 1,410 employees; Downey Regional Medical Center with 955 employees; Coca-Cola Refreshments, with 920 employees; Office of Education, County of Los Angeles, with 900 employees; Lakewood Park Health Center, with 325 employees; Xpedex, with 250 employees; Porto’s Bakery, with 190 employees; and All American Home Center, with 180 employees. Downey is home to three public high schools, and one of the three (Columbus) is a joint building shared by Downey Adult School which offers several classes and certification programs including an outstanding court reporting program.

While the city of Downey is rich in history, the city is also served by local technicians from Power Plus that are at the forefront of electric technologies. The licensed professionals have all the know-how to show you what new features you can have installed right at your own house. With electricity rates consistently climbing, more and more people are deciding to take advantage of the open space on top of their roofs and are installing solar panels. With government rebates and long-term electric bill reductions (and sometimes actually getting credits from the local power company for supplying energy back into the grid) the time has come to strive for electric freedom. However; with a project as big and as important as solar panels, you should only trust licensed, experienced technicians. Power Plus is home to those technicians and they can show you today what other people in your local area have already done and how these projects pay for themselves with cost reductions and added conveniences.