Double Your Energy Savings with Fluorescent Lamps

Most folks use standard “incandescent” light bulbs. These bulbs burn out often, create heat, and are very inefficient for making light. You can save a great deal of money by replacing your old fashion light bulbs with “fluorescent” lighting.

Benefits of fluorescent lighting:

  • cool to touch and lowers cooling needs — $AVE
  • energy cost is 50% to 70% less — $AVE
  • bulbs last 10 to 20 times longer — $AVE

Ceiling light fixtures can be replaced with fluorescent fixtures. There are also many fluorescent lamps that are designed to fit in a standard medium-base light socket. While the initial cost may be much higher than old fashioned incandescent bulbs, the newer fluorescent bulbs last so long that you’ll actually spend less!

Your local hardware or department store probably carries a wide selection of fluorescent lights that will fit in standard lamp sockets. If you’re going to replace ceiling light fixtures, be sure to turn OFF the power before you start, use wire nuts to make the power connects, and for safety, cover the wire and nuts with electrical tape