Electricians in Tarzana California

Electrician in Tarzana, California.

You hear the name Tarzana・and you think to yourself, that sure sounds a lot like the fictional storybook character arzan.・ Surprise, surprise; this affluent neighborhood located within Los Angeles County and more specifically within the City of Los Angeles actually got its name from famous author Edgar Rice Burroughs’ storybook character.

Tarzana has a very interesting history. Let’s start in the early 1900’s where Los Angeles Times founder General Harrison Gray Otis invested in a organization called the Los Angeles Suburban Homes Company for the purchase of the land that would eventually become Tarzana. Not only did General Otis invest in the company but he also personally received land himself in what is now the modern day center of this beautiful neighborhood. Edgar Rice Burroughs purchased the land from General Otis and sold off bits and pieces of the total land to others. Around 1920, the residents of this neighborhood decided to rename the area Tarzana・in tribute to the successful author.

Tarzana is bordered by other neighborhoods in Los Angeles, they include: Topanga State Park, Encino, Woodland Hills and Reseda. According to the U.S. Census, the total population of this neighborhood is over thirty five thousand however more recent city estimations place that number more towards thirty eight thousand residents. The main freeway that services the neighborhood is the U.S. 101 Freeway. By having access to this major freeway (the 101), the residents of Tarzana have extreme ease in reaching all of the popular destinations that sunny California is famous for. For instance, by taking the 101 freeway southbound, you can travel for a few minutes and already reach beautiful Hollywood and then a little more further south you can see the mesmerizing Downtown Los Angeles skyline. But if on the other hand you decide to take the 101 northbound, you will be able to take a nice, scenic drive all the way to see San Fransisco, Oakland and all the other Bay area neighborhoods.

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